Special Consideration From The SGA

With the coming of a new academic year, there is a great deal of activity in the Student Government Association (SGA) office. Our purpose on campus is to represent the student body on issues concerning all aspects of everyday life. The SGA is currently looking into methods of policing and security on campus with the expectation that we can find a common ground between safety and privacy. We are also working to improve our relationship with the city by organizing discussion groups between residents and students so that we can better understand the frustrations of both sides. The SGA also acts a watchdog organization to make sure that students get the most out of their academic experience at UVM, whether it is cross college majors and minor, or the design of a new honors college; we are constantly trying to improve the education you receive at UVM. One of the most important and exciting projects underway this year is the design and eventual construction of a NEW student center. The facility is currently slated at just less than 200,000 square feet and would house many things, including: all student organizations, a pub/bistro, a new cafeteria, a new bookstore, game rooms, meeting rooms and a 600 person theatre just to name a few. The SGA has spent the last several years lobbying the administration for this new student commons and we consider this a great win for the students. This construction project will by no means be the only one on campus; in the works are a new set of dorms to house ——– students and new apartment style housing for upperclassman and graduate students. As a reminder to all students interested in the Student Government, freshman elections are going to be held this Tuesday (9th) and Wednesday (10th) in the library from 9am-4pm. Only freshman can vote, please bring your student id. Also, for any undergrads interested in the SGA, you can apply to be appointed to the SGA or an all campus committee in the SGA office. Finally, I would like all students to remember that our purpose here is to be the voice of the students, any concern you have can be brought to any SGA senator or just stop by the SGA office in the basement of Billing Student Center and we will do our best to help you. The Student Government Association B-156 Billings Student Center