Spinner considered

  Spinner Place is a UVM affiliated apartment complex located in Winooski, about a mile away from central campus.   UVM students may only lease apartments on the third floor, but the remainder of the building is occupied by Champlain students and is used as a dorm complete with RA’s and campus security.   While Spinner Place’s lack of proximity to campus may not be as popular a choice for students eligible to move off campus, there are many perks and amenities offered that students should consider, said Macey Davidson, an administrative assistant for the building.   “Rent is all-inclusive,” she said. “Students do not have to pay for utilities, laundry is offered on-site and there is covered parking.”   Spinner Place offers fully furnished apartments ranging from one bedroom to four, according to their website.   Other amenities include central air conditioning, broadband connectivity, common areas for studying and a roommate matching program, the website stated.   Because Spinner Place appears to offer many apartment amenities that some students might find appealing, the availability for next year leaves some people wondering why UVM students do not seem to be filling up the third floor.   Some former residents said they are pleased with the convenience of the included utilities, but the lack of managerial presence regarding maintenance issues is significant.   “I think they’re a little unresponsive,” Spinner resident Beth Ganon said. “When I requested maintenance, they said no more than 24 hours which turned into five days.”   Other residents said they agreed.   “Upper management isn’t responsive and I have to pester them with emails to get a reply,” said Ana Vang, a UVM graduate student and Spinner Resident.   While some residents said they are pleased with the location in Winooski, others said they wanted to be provided with buses to and from Spinner Place.    “I wish we had UVM transportation,” junior Ryan Mickelson said. “The CCTA only gets you to Fletcher Allen and there’s no bus to take from there. It’s a pain when I want to get to the athletic campus.”   Michelson and his roommates said that they had a hard time finding housing because they were transfer students and thought that living at Spinner Place was a good bonding experience.    “Since we’re all transfer students, we’re all in the same boat together and we like each other,” Mickelson said.