Sports are a money maker

I found the opinion article “Collegiate Sports and the dark side of the University” to be very misleading and at some points altogether false. At the start of the article the editor refers to a quote from Bob Knight that made a point about the fact that sports is a business. Of course it is. What the editor failed to realize is that the “copious sums of money,” are what many college athletic departments make for their schools even after the millions and millions they spend on scholarships, equiptment, facilities, etc. If the editor turned on ‘Pardon the Interruption’ pretty much any day of the week he would notice the rising debate in college sports is whether or not players should be paid because athletic departments and therefore schools make so much money off of them. I dont pretend to imagine that UVM makes any money off its athletic department (in fact because of our location and athletic affliations the opinion was especially appropriate for our school) If you have a problem with sports and money your argument should be focused on getting rid of the programs that bring in the least. But then every school in the country would only keep football and basketball teams, and it seems by your statement “colleges are not minor leagues,” that is not what you want at all. So when you’re watching a Catamount run in March madness this year (hopefully) be thankful that for every win they get, alumi buy more hats and jerseys and give more money…(hopefully) so that can see more of your high school peers in college.