Spring Fest Brings Music, More

It may not feel like spring out yet, but UVM-ers are ready to celebrate it. This Saturday the 26th with the second annual Spring Fest. Spring Fest will feature performances by the Roots, Blackalicious, and local favorites RAQ, as well as tabling from local clubs and vendors.The first Spring Fest took place last year and is planned to be a yearly event. Spring Fest was originally created to give students a drug-free alternative to the previously-notorious public “smoke-out” on the steps of the Bailey-Howe Library, which yearly took place on April 20th, to celebrate 420. School officials became concerned after realizing that a large percentage of people gathering on the UVM campus on April 20th were not actually UVM students, but people from the surrounding area attracted by UVM’s stoner reputation. This reputation is exactly what school officials would like to do away with. In the past, some students have publicly lit up in protest of the current anti-drug laws and policies, but most have enjoyed the communality of celebrating what is unofficially know as the National Pot-Smoker’s holiday. The 2001 smoke-out was attended by over 1,500 people and was even shown on the evening news. For the most part, UVM has lost its “party school” reputation, most notably by dropping off U.S. News and World Reports “Top 20 Party Schools” list.