State of Urgency

Another weekend goes by. More people get in trouble. More people risk getting kicked out of school. More people complain heartily and colorfully about their disciplinary woes. Woes sometimes deserved, but sometimes unwarranted, at least inasmuch as the intensity of the punishment. More people suffer the same sentiment, over and over again. Yet fewer and fewer people voice their concerns. To whom? Well, the administration, to name one. To the Student Government Association, to name another. To anyone but each other, and even then, in a muddled state of mind, late at night, early in the morning, kissed by Arbor Mist. Awash in the Parrot’s Bay. High five to that. Not. For all the fiery words, for all the hot-blooded, sometimes necessary middle fingers being proudly raised, where are those matching voices rising up against an administration that is thought to unfairly cast its vote, seemingly the only one that matters? So many claim to be so unhappy with the decrees of the Higher Ups who include Fogel and any number of those strategists who decide student fate. But the numbers of people who are so miffed do not balance out when compared to the number of people who do anything about their irritation, their castigations so unlawfully dealt. Proportion lies in a student body that acts upon its word. If addressing the adult kingdom of UVM’s Higher Ups intimidates you, fine-by all means, we sympathize. So tell the students who do enjoy chocking it up with the best of the aged authoriatarians. Convey your thoughts and concerns to the people who do wish to face the administration. Give a “Holla” to the fine folk of the Student Government Association so that they can accurately represent their public. Give them something to do. Make them work for and with you by giving them strong messages to pass along to the administration. Otherwise, in your apathy, you are misusing the power that has so been bestowed upon you. Otherwise, keep your mouths shut because you have nothing to make a peep about. You have no right to complain if you are part of the problem, not the solution. And would you not like to be responsible for positive change in this school? Right now, there are too many unhappy faces peppering our otherwise bright and bubbly campus. But these faces, your faces, shall remain cloudy and contorted in your bitterness, your due bitterness, until you DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE ISSUES THAT PISS YOU OFF. You and yours will have an easier time keeping on keeping on if you today aid in eradicating the missteps you so think are those of an unchecked demagaogue.