Stewart tickets cause problems

The appeal of a $20 discount on tickets to see Jon Stewart on March 28 for UVM students, staff and faculty has spawned the misuse and theft of valid UVM IDs by non-UVM personnel.”People are getting a friend to go get a ticket [for them],” Student Life professional Tamara Plummer said.The Department of Student Life and CATcard offices have been receiving e-mails and phone calls complaining about the ID policy, Student Life said.Melody Walker, a service team generalist for Student Life, said she has received 50 to 60 calls from people arguing about the one ticket per ID policy and the fact that IDs have to be shown along with the discounted ticket at the door to the show.”To get a ticket or discount is like stealing,” Plummer said. “[Doing this] directly takes money away from the student fund,” she said.The CATcard Office disagrees with the campus rumors that anyone can get a UVM ID by just asking for one.”No, I haven’t heard that at all,” CATcard Office program support generalist Tracy Smith said. “You wouldn’t be able to go and say I take a class wink, wink, nod, nod.”If someone does obtain an illegitimate UVM ID, it is difficult for the ticket office to catch them.UVM’s assistant ticket manager at the Patrick Gym Mike Cairns said that it is hard to tell if the ID is legitimate when people have changed so much from their original picture, with facial hair or different hair lengths, especially when there are lines.Despite the ID issues, only 450 tickets remain to be sold for Stewart as of March 18.