Still waiting for Kate

A strange mutant family exists in the indie scene, one whose music makers are equivalent to your intriguing uncle who refuses to leave his house, or crazy jailbird Phil Spector.Higher Ground brings us basement dewellers Ariel Pink and Cass McCombs on the evening of Nov. 7 to shine a little light on low-fi, spooktacular music. Touring in promotion of his most recent release, “Dropping the Writ,” Cass McCombs carries a shadow by his ankles, crooning pretty and melancholy art-folk tunes with his grainy pipes. McCombs’ singing has been described as “reedy” or “awfully affected.” The sound is likely to grow on you as “Robert Smith’s meow and Stephen Malkmus’ yawn.” “Dropping the Writ” has been reviewed as an upbeat album, though the singer/songwriters is beginning to be compared to the father of whining, Morrissey. Ariel Pink stands with a slight hunch and flash of black hair over his face, yet he does have a friend in warped pop that was obviously recorded in a sunless environment. Pink isn’t gloomy or vicious, he just seems to take old ’60s records and mess with them in haunted houses. Then, under a full moon, he records his reverb-tinged vocals. In fact, Pink’s music has been classified as “Ghost Box Music” which most commonly features “musique concr??te, library music, and 1970s soundtracks.” For a peek at these two talents, try “I Went to the Hospital” by Cass McCombs and “Interesting Results” by Ariel Pink.