Stimulate me now

The problem with “trickle down economics” is that it is just what it suggests: a slow broken stream of little bits of wealth dropping occasionally into the hands of the lower class.What the country needs now is Niagara Falls economics. We need bust-open-the-fire-hydrant-and-let-it-rip economics.Many Republicans get their you-know-what’s in a knot as soon as government spending is proposed and, although I don’t believe that we should rely on the government to clean up after every mess we make, there is no time for solutions to trickle down.Now if this were a more benign recession I’d say yes, lets not burden future generations with such a large debt, but unfortunately, almost 600,000 people lost their jobs in January alone, and 3.6 million jobs have been lost since the beginning of the recession – keep in mind that these numbers represent real people.Three point six million – that’s a lot of trickle if you ask me, you don’t use a water dropper to fill up a swimming pool.The reality is that tax cuts just won’t cut it this time. The tax rebates last spring did nothing to reverse the recession because people are too scared to just go out and start spending. They saved the money and used it to pay off their existing debts.The Republican congressmen stubbornly pushing for more tax cuts and less spending are only standing in the way of what more and more is appearing to be the only hope for our economy.I’m no Obama-maniac, but, honestly, this is not the time to hold onto dying ideological principles. Many respected conservative economists have pledged support for a government stimulus. Right-wing economist Martin Feldstein believes that direct help to homeowners who have negative equity is vital to stopping the foreclosures that are at the heart of this recession.If the legislative branch can put their partys’ principles aside and address this crisis without the blinding glare of ideological standards, then they can get this stimulus out soon enough for it to actually stimulate the economy.It is easy for people, especially politicians, to get attached to ideological principles and forget that there is no one truth – no one way of solving a problem that is applicable to every situation.Any philosophy professor will tell you that as much as every philosophical model in history has tried to be universal, none have succeeded. The same limitations apply to politics and economics.Sure, when the recession is predicted to be shorter and less serious it is wise to enact tax-cuts, but when economists see no end in sight and rapid decline in the economy, it is time for government intervention.The problem with politics is that the issues these days are not black and white, so the solutions cannot be simply blue or red. Politicians need to be more flexible and open minded if they are to be effective. Sorry republicans, you’re just going to have to lean left this time. To sit and wait for money to trickle down from tax cuts while torrents of jobs are pouring out the door and homeowners drown in negative equity is ridiculous. We need a large and comprehensive stimulus package and we need it now.