Student Body Language

[ name ] Marilana Rufo, 2009[ location ] pelvic area [ in her words ] “It specifically deals with my inability to make a decision about whether I want to live my life as an egoist – I have a really strong liking of Ayn Rand and she’s an objectivist who deals with the ego and selfishness and she’s against altruism. I just came back from India and I studied Buddhism and it’s very selfless and deals with altruism and giving and not having and ego. It constantly comes up in my daily life which way I want to be and I can never make a decision. That’s my struggle. Which way I choose depends on what mood I’m in and the type of decision I have to make. I guess I lean towards being selfish most of the time, but I try to still be a good person but selfish at the same time. Selfishness has a pretty bad wrap in this culture because we have a very Christian, ‘put others first’ ideology, which I guess is also good, but you can’t forget about yourself.”