Student Groups Enliven Campus Late Nights

In this fall semester of 2002, you may have noticed the sudden push for late night student activities. This change comes from the students and faculty members who have been motivated to bringing a new sense of school spirit to our campus.

According to Pat Brown, Director of Student Life, out of the “$750,000 that the SGA has to give [out to specific groups here on campus], they have given this new program $200,000.”

This means more activities for students, and a way to build more of a campus community through these social gatherings.

“This all started with talk about a new Student Center,” says Brown. “But we can’t just build a building without programs.” That is why efforts have been made to build such lineups, which include concerts, comedians, movies, and speakers.

There plan seems to have been successful. According to a previous press release on October 17, the concert of hip-hop band Jurassic 5 “drew a sell-out 2,600 to their show at Patrick Gym.”

We can only hope for equal success with other activities, which will include two recent box office smashes: XXX and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, both which will be showing at CC Theater.

“These are nice alternative events to go to,” says junior Jay Roudebush. “I noticed my freshman year that we didn’t have a lot of nightly activities like other schools. I think this benefits all the students, including those who aren’t into the drinking and partying scene 24 hours a day.”

Indeed we can all benefit from such events. As David Nestor, Vice President of Student Affairs, said, “[These programs] can bring the campus community together by bringing fun to campus life.” He went on to say that “although these recent programs are just the meat and potatoes [of what we can do]… the student and campus community needs these kinds of events He hopes that these “experimental programs can help make the campus rhythm more upbeat and attractive.”

In the past, UVM has truly lacked programs that draw a crowd of students to intermingle with each other. If these programs can truly attract students, and be advertised as well, then there is a good chance that the intention of broadening campus life can become a reality.

Hopefully students will be intrigued by these events, and also put their own input into what they would like to see here at UVM. “I hope that everyone has the chance to attend,” says Brown. “We’re going to make this work.”