Student Life as UVM experience

Clubs, intramural sports, Greek life and student government are all part of the college experience for some students.

                  On campus, the Department of Student Life oversees activities such as Leadership and Civic Engagement, the First Year Experience, Outdoor Programs, New Student Orientation and Student Media, Director of Student Life Patrick Brown said.

                  “All of these program areas have connections to campus programs, activities, student organizations and other co-curricular educational endeavors,” Brown said.

                  Though there are no significant changes to any Student Life programs this year, the department did have a retreat this August, he said.

                  “Our extended staff meeting included team building, business and program check-in information, a session of Universal Design for Learning and internal committee work on diversity,” Brown said. “We also discussed professional development and team building to plan for the coming year.”

                  Because some students are active, Student Life plays an important role in many students’ daily activities.

                  “I write for “Her Campus” magazine and we’re in the process of getting SGA recognition,” sophomore Ashley Richardson said.  “I think Student Life is great because there is such a wide variety of clubs and activities here on campus.  Plus, it’s really easy to get involved.”

                  One way that Student Life is featured on campus is through concerts and other activities that are sponsored by the University Program Board (UPB), according to their website. Some of their recent events have included comedian Dave Chappelle and casino nights.

                  “A lot of people I know from different schools come [to UVM] for the concerts,” sophomore Chelsea Kantola said. “I think the people that the UPB get to come and perform in Vermont are amazing, and some people I know that go to other schools never have the concerts or activities that we do at UVM.”

                  Although Kantola is impressed by the concerts and activities Student Life offers, the variety of clubs can be overwhelming, she said.

                  “We have a lot of really, really interesting clubs,” Kantola said.  “But I think that instead of having a one-day fair where you can visit all the clubs, they should offer a one week fair because there is just so many to choose from.”

                  The variety of clubs and activities at the University may be one of the reasons UVM stands out from other schools.

                  “The student body at UVM is very interested in recreational and athletic activities,” Dean of Students David Nestor said.  “I feel students here get a lot of independence and by offering all these programs through Student Life, students can figure out what they want to be involved in.”

                  Because of the variety of choices, UVM is a really interesting place to be, Nestor said.