Students Actively Involved in Politics and the Environment

Students Actively Involved in Politics and the EnvironmentKatie Students in ENVS 195: Politics and the Environment have spent the past semester researching and actively engaging in current environmental issues with all the candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Vermont. Over spring semester the class has heard from Doug Racine, Anthony Pollina, Con Hogan, Peter Shumlin, Jim Douglas, Brian Dubie, and Burlington Mayor Peter Clavelle. During each session the class thoroughly questioned and pressed the candidates on current environmental issues facing the state today: transportation, energy, and stormwater. In many cases, the students were first to hear where the candidates stood on certain issues, and their reasons why. As a result of the course, the students have created a website,, to educate voters in Vermont on positions these candidates addressed during their presentations. Not only does the site provide information on all of the candidates, but the site also provides information on the current environmental issues facing the state. Take a moment to check out the site, and read up on where these candidates stand.