Students buy into budget committee

Students wondering where and how their tuition is spent might not be happy with the answer. A budget committee was created by Student Government Association President Kofi Mensah in mid-February to give students a better understanding of university spending and the budget-making process, committee Chair Katie Rifken said. “A lot of students I’ve met don’t know where their money goes,” Rifken said. The Budget Committee met with Richard Cate, vice president for finance and administration, on March 24, to discuss what tuition money is used for and how the Davis Center gets funding. “You’re helping to pay for the Davis Center but not through your tuition,” Cate said. “[Money] for the Davis Center comes from operating revenue.” The money the University receives from tuition goes to just about everything else: electricity costs, faculty salaries, custodian salaries, health insurance and the debt on Jeffords Hall, he said. Through linking with university officials, Mensah said he hopes that students will be more informed and involved with UVM’s spending process.