Students Campaign to End Hunger

This October, the 29th through the 31, Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland is hosting a unique conference. “Setting National Priorities: Student Building a Movement to End Hunger and Homelessness” has been organized to help give students a forum to collectively gather and address issues of economic inequality, hunger and poverty both in America and worldwide.

Today’s college students live in a fast-paced, exciting world. Access to vast information and resources through technology, medical innovation, and an increasingly global community shape our lives more than any previous generation.

At the same time, however, we’re faced with the challenges of global conflict, disappearing jobs, skyrocketing education costs, and increasing poverty in America. In light of these problems, student action is more crucial now than ever -especially when addressing the issues of hunger and homelessness that plague America.

For more than two decades, the number of people experiencing hunger and homelessness continues to rise annually, but instead of acting to solve these problems, the federal government is making unprecedented cuts to housing and homeless assistance programs. As food pantries and homeless shelters struggle to meet the increasing need, student volunteer power is crucial. Further, it is imperative that students join advocates to educate the public and push for government action to address hunger and homelessness.

By connecting community service with advocacy, students can effectively address the growing needs of individuals while advocating for permanent solutions and systemic change. Concerned Americans must demand that our decision-makers respond to the real concerns of real people.

By participating in the political process you will demand that your representatives listen to your concerns – and the upcoming elections offers an excellent opportunity to make your voice heard. Don’t miss this amazing event that will unite hundreds of student leaders focused on Setting National Priorities and Building a Movement to End Hunger and Homelessness!

This conference is a great way to help address national issues and get out of Burlington over Halloween weekend. For more info. check out: