Students indifferent to Coke

SGA Public Relations Chair Nick Monteforte said the SGA was shocked when the Vermont Student Opinion Poll revealed that most students are indifferent to Coca-Cola products. Almost 40 percent of students would be indifferent if Coca-Cola products were not sold on campus, and about 20 percent would be moderately unhappy, the results stated. Out of those polled, 39.70 percent of students like having Coca-Cola products sold on campus, while 37.21 percent are indifferent, the results stated. More than 40 percent of students consume less than one Coca-Cola product in a week, the results stated. After receiving the results of the poll, the SGA’s efforts have shifted toward reducing plastic bottle usage on campus, Monteforte said. “The biggest problem I believe is the waste from the plastic bottles and that is the direction SGA is taking right now due to the results we got,” Monteforte said. UVM undergraduates throw away 25,000 plastic water bottles per week and 40,000 per semester, the results stated. More than 45 percent of students throw away between one and five plastic bottles every week, 42 percent do not throw away any and the remaining throw away six or more, the results stated. “We hope to educate students and faculty on using reusable bottles and perhaps only having Coca-Cola fountains to fill your reusable container,” said Monteforte. However, some students said they do not believe that will fix the problem. “Eliminating Coca-Cola products isn’t a cure to waste issues at UVM,” a comment received from the poll stated. Monteforte said the SGA hopes to get students involved in the conversation with Coca-Cola. “If they can read Kofi’s e-mail and actually look into what SGA is doing, that would be great,” Monteforte said. “We will try to educate them as much as we can but we also want their input.”