Students question Loft’s off-campus status

  Some students have expressed confusion about the off-campus nature of the on-campus Redstone lofts.   The lofts are a privately owned and operated, and the land has been leased from UVM for 50 years.   The new residences will be owned by Catamount Student Housing LLC and operated by the Redstone Commercial Group under a long-term ground lease with UVM, according to Redstone loft construction website.   One concern some students had about the lofts was whether or not they were considered on campus property because of UVM’s status as a “dry” campus.   Possessing or consuming alcohol is prohibited in University housing, even if the student is 21 years of age or older, according to UVM’s Code of Student Rights and Responsibility.   Because the University does not own the lofts, they can be considered off-campus housing, said Larry Williams, owner of Redstone Lofts.   This means that there is no requirement that the building be “dry” just as there is no requirement that off-campus housing be “dry,” Williams said.   Still, students living in the lofts must comply with the UVM code of conduct as it applies to all students, he said.   The Redstone lofts operate under a separate contract, but have the same terms and conditions as the Redstone apartments, Williams said.   These apartments are a new opportunity to live on campus with the perks of having independent on-campus living, the Redstone Lofts website stated.   Many students have expressed interest in living in the newly constructed buildings next year.   “I’m excited for the prospects of living there especially because it’s privately owned and operated,” first-year McKayla Mulhern said. “They look really cool.”   Though some students said they are enthusiastic about the new housing option, others said they have complaints about the construction of the Redstone Lofts.    “They seem really nice, but they’re blocking my mountain view,” first-year Maddie Rabin said.