Summer Sports at North Beach

North Beach has long been known as the spot for summer time living here in Burlington. It epitomizes the archetype of cool headiness which Burlington exudes. Not only is this the haven for daytime beer drinking, sun worshipping, and voyeuristic gawking, but it is the venue for recreation during those months in which midriffs are readily exposed, footwear is abolished by the most heady, and the mosquitoes launch their annual terror campaigns. Those late night trips to the KKD temple and porch sippin’ six packs of thick local brew degrading your youthful physique? No fear, head down to North Beach. There you will find all manners of athletic engagement to hallow your aesthetic self and attract the curious and searching eyes of the hormonally imbalanced. Firstly, I mentioned thick local brew; well, trade in those tasty ales for some genuine American corporate brew. Grab a thirty rack of Icehouse (my personal North Beach favorite) and get ready for some healthful activity. For a water event, try a shotgun followed by a ten to twenty minute backstroke. Here we have enjoyment and cardiovascular exercise fused together in an irresistible package. Next, grab another sun warmed brew in one hand and a Frisbee, a Burlington classic, in the other. This is primarily an act of balance; how little beer can you spill as you make precise throws and daring catches. You know you have reached the heady levels of only the most heavily dreadlocked and footwearless when you complete a between the legs revert catch without spilling a prized sip from a freshly opened can of the pride of the Plank Road Brewery. Or immerse yourself in true Burlington diversity. At North Beach you can regularly meet up with refugees who play football, the world wide sport of choice. Even if you lack the prevalent karma Krystal, slide off your kicks and get ready for some serious team and foot work with a truly globalized crew. Then there is the ubiquitous whiffleballin’. A summer staple not indigenous to North Beach, this American pastime is only to be held in the highest regards as a fat burning workout. However, home run derby can be very taxing, so always keep a can of the nectar of the God’s close by. And in the case of a truly Frank Thomas style hurtin’, one should always have a fresh can handy for a celebratory shot-gun. Finally, after becoming woozy from all the strenuous activity of the afternoon, head out to Lone Rock Point for a sunset reward. As that beautiful life giver descends into the heart of the Adirondacks, light up a full flavored-no additive-all natural American Spirit (the blue pack stupid) and reflect upon the fitness of your body that is due to the activity full lifestyle bred by the unique North Beach environment. Enjoy.