Support Keith and Ashley

To the Editor: This is in response to the editorial in the March 5 edition of the Cynic. I have two points to make in reference to Carrie Cole’s article and Keith Rosenthal’s article. Carrie Cole’s: honey, its a joke. It was supposed to be a nice fluffy piece about winter, with a true statement on global warming. Just because Ashley chose to sound whimsical in her description does not mean it lacks any validity. The fact is, our environment is effected by our own actions and the changing weather proves that. Keith Rosenthal: in reference to Jon Kantor’s piece in the March 5 issue of The Cynic, as well as Keith Rosenthal’s editorial response, I would like to state my encouragement for Keith to continue to promote recognition and equality through language. I find Jon’s statement very similar to my friend referring to dance clubs as “gay clubs and normal clubs.” This language, although not openly homophobic, is excluding a community of people. Kantor does the same with his statements to the ISO. In reference to his attendance of the ISO meeting and the upheaval it caused, I feel as if he had every right to attend the meeting and that the actions of the ISO were uncalled for. I can understand and relate to the aggression that Kantor’s articles and constant bashing may cause, but if he truly wanted to attend for the sake of learning, then he should have been given that right. My only comment to sum up everything is that I wish more non-socialists, such as myself, would respond to these articles.Shea Akers Class of 2004