Support our Soldiers

So far I have been disappointed with both the global and local sentiments on the imposing war with Iraq. Having graduated from High School JROTC I have many friends who are now serving in the elite US Ranger Battalion and other armed services. These brave few are standing up for what are not only American ideals but those by which morals are defined. War is an ugly thing, and should not ever be taken lightly. However, it must be understood that there are times when force becomes a necessity. It is such force which has made it possible for me to write this letter, and however hard it is for protesters to sometimes understand, it is the same force which gives them the ability to speak their piece. Our First Amendment is a privilege in which most Iraqis can not indulge. Saddam has had his day in the sun, and he used it to kill and dictate. The Soldiers receiving their orders and perhaps even my friends could soon find themselves on the front lines of war. Each time I hear accusations of our Soldiers as baby killers I laugh at the utter ignorance. I know Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines some as friends and some as family, none of whom would ever hurt an innocent civilian, but would instead give their own lives in their protection. In closing I hope that the voices I hear when walking to class will go from anti-Americanism and President bashing to wishing our men and women in uniform a safe return and God-speed. Jason Lantagne Class of 2006(If this letter can not be published in its entirety please just send it back to me, thanks)