Surviving Burly

  For some students living off campus, the move downtown may be the first time they have lived with complete independence.   Living in Burlington can present safety concerns, so student residents may want to be aware of some general tips to keep their homes and apartments safe.   The Off-Campus Living Student Survival Guide is a resource that provides students with information about some of the possible dangers of living off campus and what students can do to protect themselves.   Burglaries in particular are one of the most common threats to home security in Burlington, according to the guide.   “Burglaries are usually crimes of opportunity,” the guide stated. “It is important to secure your home.”   In 2009, Burlington had 606 burglaries, according to   The Off-Campus Survival Guide provides tips that may be considered common sense to many, but can be helpful for students living on their own.     Junior Devon Mackinnon shared some precautions that he and his roommates go by.   “We keep our spot safe by double checking the doors being locked when we leave,” Mackinnon said. “And by making sure the kids on our balcony don’t yell at the hooligans walking by our stoop.”

  Senior Emma Holmes said that some items were stolen from her house in the past and that locking doors is a priority for her and her housemates as well.   “I do make sure that I lock my bedroom door specifically,” she said. “I also try to be conscious of who is in my house, and avoid situations that would put me and my roommates in danger.”   The complete Off-Campus Student Survival Guide can be found on the UVM webs