Taking care of yourself

Though many in the community are experiencing a sense of loss over Alex Chernik’s death, there are some ways to move through this difficult time with success: Take care of your mental health. Seek assistance if you find yourself experiencing sadness, tearfulness, losing interest in your activities, or withdrawing from your friends and family. Understand that alcohol and other mind-altering substances can dramatically cloud your judgment and your ability to take care of yourself. Stay connected with the communities that engage you — your hall or apartment mates, your department or college, your family, your faith community. Stay connected to the activities that provide you with sustenance — go out in the natural world, listen to music, attend campus lectures or athletic events. Take care of your physical self – move your body, eat well, and get enough sleep. Take care of one another — be aware of others in the community who may need a hand. Information from an e-mail from Associate Vice President for Student and Campus Life Annie Stevens