Taking the next step

President Daniel Mark Fogel said he plans to take a year of administrative leave after resigning June 30, 2012 before he comes back in 2013 as a professor. During his yearlong leave of absence, President Fogel will be paid at his current administrative base salary of $322,563, Chief of Staff Gary Derr said. President Fogel’s salary as a professor has yet to be determined. The Board of Trustees has not reached a final decision, Derr said. “President Fogel’s faculty salary for fiscal year 2013 has not been finalized at this time,” said Robert Cioffi, chair of the Board of Trustees. “I expect that will be resolved at the May board meeting, but it will not be his current salary as president.” President Fogel will continue his work with outside professional organizations, among other things, during his year of absence, he said. “I know that he is working on a project with a national association of public land-grant universities that he was president of recently,” Derr said. “He’s working with leaders across the country to develop a book talking about the future of the land-grant universities as it comes up to the marker year.” Along with his work with various projects, Fogel plans to spend time with his family, potentially travel and prepare himself to return to the classroom, he said. However, head of the English department Tony Magistrale said he has yet to receive any information regarding President Fogel’s return to the department. “He says he’s coming back to the English department so I have to believe it’s true,” Magistrale said. “But he’s taking a year off, so who knows what could happen during that year with somebody who’s got the profile he does.” Before coming to the University of Vermont, President Fogel was executive vice chancellor and provost at Louisiana State University, where he spent 26 years, rising steadily through the academic and administrative ranks, the UVM website stated. If he does return, President Fogel will most likely teach 19th century American literature, with a specialization in Henry James, Magistrale said. “If [President] Fogel follows through with his plans, he can plan on receiving the same type of autonomy that any full-time English professor would have,” Magistrale said.