Talk Is Cheap

To the Editor: In response to last week’s article by Kristin Dobbs, entitled “Read Our Lips: No New Tactics,” I would like to agree; the majority of students at UVM do not exercise their first amendment rights like our friends at the Cynic. However, I do not believe that blame can be placed on the Student Government Association, which is comprised of 40 full-time students that try to listen to nearly 8,000 students at UVM. The SGA’s constituents, every undergraduate here at the university, are encouraged to voice their opinions to us, and the lines of communication have widened in the past year with new publications, a new section in the Cynic and all-student emails. It is certainly ridiculous to think that the SGA knows what every student wants on this campus, but in order for us not to lay silent to the ears of the administration, we make educated decisions about what the students do in fact want. I would venture to guess that our voice is not silenced at all; it is as loud as it has ever been, but it is reaching ears that do not necessarily wish to listen. Recently the SGA did speak out regarding the Honors College proposal, asking that more time be put into the planning; despite the effort, it seems that the administration is going forward. We are also in the midst of a battle to gain Recreational Sports space within the Trinity gymnasium. Currently, UVM students stand to lose this prime location to offices for the College of Education, and were it not for the SGA, such a plan could be instituted entirely without effective student notification. If you walk around campus, the SGA’s efforts can be seen in the newly installed blue lights and in the ability to go to the library at 3 a.m. Monday and use the Cyber Caf?? which is now open 24 hours a day, Sunday through Wednesday. The list of accomplishments goes on. To say that our voice is silent I believe is false; I assure you that we are looking out for the wellbeing of every student here at UVM. In order for us to continue doing our jobs, I implore all students, passive or involved, to exercise your rights and let us know: what are your concerns with UVM? The Student Government Association always has its doors open for everybody to come in and speak their minds, and we extend an open invitation to all of you to come to our senate meetings at 7 p.m. on Tuesday nights in Marsh Lounge, Billings 3rd floor. Concerns can also be sent to [email protected] Thank you. Joseph ThibaultClass of 2004Student Activities Chair of UVM Student Government Association