Thank you President Fogel

In recent weeks, our University’s president has taken a lot of flak both from student activist groups and from certain faculty members. This is because they heard about him refusing to take a pay cut while orchestrating a plan that would lower faculty numbers and increase student enrollment.For the University of Vermont, we as a community are experiencing some of the best years this institution has ever seen. From the quality of our facilities to the eminence of our education, UVM is at an all-time high. This is overwhelmingly due to the good leadership and vision for success administered by President Daniel Mark Fogel.In our opinion, and that of many other students and faculty, Fogel has done an amazing job leading this University. In the 1990’s – before he took office – the University’s application level was at an all-time low; around 7,000. Since he has been in control, enrollment and University reputation have increased tremendously.Many have criticized the plan to cut faculty. This is a good plan, however, because by keeping our tenure track professors happy, we keep the talent at UVM. This in turn is good for UVM’s academic prestige and quality of education in the long run.Yes, the University has taken an economic hit, but so have most institutions of higher learning. Comparatively, UVM is doing very well for itself. This deficit is a result of external economic factors, not the result of any mismanagement on behalf of Fogel.He has responded immediately to the problem by enacting an economic plan to bring UVM out of the financial shortfall. His salary may seem like a lot to a college student, but Fogel is paid slightly less than other presidents of similar institutions. He is also paid much less than a comparably educated and qualified individual in the private sector. Fogel is arguably one of the greatest presidents in UVM history and we should be thankful for how much value he has added to our degrees. We should be excited! Times are great for the University of Vermont, despite fiscal challenges. Fogel is tackling every issue with utmost consideration. Instead of blaming the scapegoat, we think it’s time to give thanks where thanks are due.