the bare essentials

After a certain point, the act of spending some one-on-one time with your reflection turns into a necessity rather than vanity.When getting more sleep is not an option, the easy path to a refreshed face is a basic foundation or cover-up. This type of makeup is essential to any beautification kit. However, with so many products out there, it’s difficult to know where to start. Here’s what some UVM students had to say about their favorite facial remedy products:Dream Matte Mousse, by Maybelline ($7.99 at Rite Aid)”It’s not a cream, and it’s not a powder. I’ve tried lots of different things, like liquid, and that stuff you smear on like stage makeup, but this works the best because it blends well. I only use it every so often when I wake up and look like… blah!”-Suzannah Mullen Maybelline’s claim to fame: Revolutionary silicone polymers prevent the foundation from caking.Bare Naturale, By L’Oreal($15.99 at Rite Aid)”This is a mineral foundation. It’s pretty expensive but it’s so good. Because of my mixed ethnicity, my skin type is dry. I can’t use powder, and I don’t use cream foundation because it clogs pores and everything gets greasy. This doesn’t dry out my skin, and it covers well. Plus it has 19 SPF.”-Lauren HinesL’Oreal’s claim to fame: Mineral foundations are known for allowing skin to breath. This particular makeup is 100% preservative and fragrance free.Bronzer, By Cargo ($25.00 at Sephora)”I don’t use foundation. Bronzer is kind of like a powder blush, only it’s brown. It doesn’t really act as a foundation. Basically, it makes me look tanner. It’s good for wintertime, especially when I look really sickly and pale.”-Elana HorwitzCargo’s claim to fame: Besides being a professional line used by makeup artists, Cargo donates a portion of their proceeds to children’s charities.True Match, by L’Oreal($9.99 at Rite Aid)”I like using this foundation because it’s a liquid and I feel like it’s easier to apply and goes on smoother than powders or mattes. Also, it’s a good price because it’ll last me forever. Besides, I can only use it on days when I have time to care about how I look.”-Brittany JohansenL’Oreal’s claim to fame: Besides covering imperfec?tions, True Match has B and E vitamins and SPF 17 sunscreen to nourish your skin as you wear it.Alternative Skin Care, from New Choices in Natural Healing by Bill Gottlieb ($2.97 at Amazon)”While I’m sure some guys use makeup, I’m always looking for new ways to take care of my skin. I used to put honey on my face every night for a month, but I don’t like washing my pillows. Now I rub minced garlic on my face. It’s really anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It burns, but that’s how you know it works. After that, I apply jojoba oil because it protects your skin. Contrary to popular belief, I’ve heard that adding oil to oily skin is good for you. The jojoba prevents overproduction of your natural oils.”-Jeremy BurchetteBill Gottlieb’s claim to fame: “New Choices in Natural Healing” has over 1,800 ideas for self-help skincare, using cheap products that can be found in most grocery stores.