The battle for Redstone Green

It happened on a cold Tuesday night. The frigid air was thin and biting, whipping over Redstone green. It was the first snowfall of the season. A few groups of bundled students were romping around in the fresh layer of packable powder and making snowmen. After a few minutes, the crowd grew larger. The mood turned. A snowball fight had begun!It started innocently enough with a few gentle throws and some flirty squeals. Then hoards of people started pouring out of Mason, zipping their coats and securing their hats as they hurried out to join in the fight.Suddenly, 234 students came charging madly from behind Coolidge. War cries howled through the snow-laden air. From the roar of the crowd, a voice bellowed “Athletic Campus! Attack!”They charged down the hill, snowballs in their hands, war in their hearts. The Redstone soldiers, who had just been fighting each other, banned together and retaliated mercilessly. It was to no avail. They were outnumbered one to three. Athletic Campus cheered as they ran over to mount the hill leading to CWP. They now had the advantage of height.Redstone had been trapped. With nothing left to lose, Redstone met Athletic Campus halfway and charged back up the hill. It was suicide, but they were determined to defend their home turf!On-lookers witnessed the battle scene through the large windows of CWP and the safe refuge of their rooms.The carnage was terrible. Innocent bystanders were just as much targets as the fighters. As the night went on the snowballs packed tighter. The snow melted and formed hard canonballs of ice. When the packing snow became a rare commodity, old snowballs were recycled and combined together to form mega-canonball-snowballs. There was no way Redstone could’ve fought AC off all night. It wasn’t possible with numbers dwindling so fast and morale plummeting.Suddenly, Redstone got the sign they needed in the form of fireworks. They burst triumphantly one right after the other in the dark night sky. This was just what Redstone needed. The fighters took the break to aim their throws truer and gather more ammo. They fought like never before. “This is like a scene from 300!” Redstone sophomore Casey Lennon said.Some say Redstone initiated these attacks earlier that night and Athletic Campus was just retaliating. Some say Redstone won because they fought harder. All we know is the epic battle that occurred that evening was like no other. Upperclassman may declare that the new kids on campus are square, but I assure you – they know how to fight with a snowball.