The Battle of Who Could Care Less

Never is the extremely high concentration of cool people at UVM so apparent as when one returns to the homeplace. Yes, the winter break provides, during an extended period of reunion with said home, a needed lull in the hustle and bustle of college life. Therefore, it allows its attendants a chance to rest their weary bones and an opportunity to restock their empty storage compartments. In other words, winter recess is a special time for living it up fat and happy-for about a week or two. But each time one makes the pilgrimage back to the homestead, one enters unwittingly into a different theme party. Furthermore, the longer one attends college, the less engaging ye ol’ homeplace becomes and the more intense does each theme of negativity become. Why? The answer lies in a theme party called Indifference. Much less fun than donning 80’s clothes, this theme party entails no element of lighthearted fun and dress, but rather, promotes people totally unconcerned with each other. Simply, as time marches on, people infrequenting the homestead feel exponentially less inclined to make the effort to see each other. What lies at the base of this downward spiral? Surely it is easier to keep emotions at bay whilst keeping one another at a distance even in the brief and sacred periods when everyone is again within the vicinity. For revisiting feelings is a difficult task and in absence grows more fungus, to quote the (shudder) Bare Naked Ladies, than fondness. True, the lack of desire to travel several roads away to see hometown peeps stems also from the general malaise of a past semester’s worth of sleep deprivation paired with the food coma into which everyone goes during the gorging epoch that is vacation. But it is nice to fancy that part of this theme party gone awry is in the genuine friendships one forms at college, friendships to be sorely missed when the pause button that is winter break is engaged. UVM: wherein one recognizes the superior strengths in the bonds formed while forging close camaraderie at this University of the Green Mountain. For in university lies a sea of people, yet from the mass there are those people with whom one chooses to surround oneself in contrast with the homestead methodology of merely falling in with keeids vaguely similar to oneself. Indeed, in general, college friendship is truism. As for the unions created within UVM, they are unparalleled. High is the UVMissaries’ gravitation toward each other wherein each body can derive immense mutual pleasure in one another’s company. For within the frosted walls of UVM congregate some particularly strong, attractive, spirited and kindly people ready to brave the cold of winter and the freeze of Indifference, the progressive theme of each successive vacation’s homecoming parade.