The Cat’s Meow

Everyone’s heard of the Top Cats. And you’ve probably seen the signs for Hit Paws. But Cat’s Meow is the only all-female singing group at UVM. The ladies sing a capella, which means their music is created by voice alone, without any type of instruments. Cat’s Meow was originally founded over ten years ago and it currently has ten members. The group prides itself on its diversity, as members come from all different majors, concentrations and from every year. This year, there is even a graduate student in Cat’s Meow. The young women do have one thing in common though and that is their commitment to Cat’s Meow. They each devote more than six hours a week to practicing their repertoire in the Southwick music building. Admission to the Cat’s Meow is competitive. Hopeful singers must go through a string of auditions before current Cat’s Meow members. Around 25 to 30 young women try out for Cat’s Meow every semester and usually, about five will be selected to join. Still, Cat’s Meow is always eager and looking for new voices so they encourage singers of all types to try out and get involved. Their style of singing is defined by some Cat’s Meow members as “contemporary.” Their repertoire consists of an eclectic mix of pop, folk, and a few oldies songs. The women even admit to their love of 80’s music and include that in their song list. “Our songs and our sounds range from spunky to serene, each of them unique in their feminine subtlety and power,” says one member of Cat’s Meow. “Both our songs and our concerts are vibrant, wriggling with enthusiasm and precision. We just love to sing!” You can hear these ladies perform live at their upcoming fall concert. Mark your calendars because the Cat’s Meow will be singing on Saturday November 15th, at 8 pm in Ira Allen Chapel. Tickets are $4 for students and $5 for non-students. The following are some selected songs from past and future Cat’s Meow playlists:Roll to Me- Del AmitriShoot the Moon-Norah JonesThe Remedy-Jason MrazKiss the Rain- Billie MyersSomebody to Love-QueenSomething to Talk About-Bonnie RaitMexico- James TaylorVirtual Insanity-JamiroquaiAll I Wanna Do-Sheryl CrowEverything You Want-Vertical HorizonMy Love is Your Love-Whitney HoustonMidnight Train to Georgia-Gladys Night and the Pips