The DaVinci Code and The Gnostic Chapels

The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, is a thriller involving the murder of a museum curator in Paris and the discovery of a secret society dedicated to the protection of the Holy Grail. It is rich in information about the intriguing past of the Catholic Church and the symbolism in the artwork and writings of some of the smartest and most influential artists and thinkers throughout history. Although possessing an interesting plot-line, the real draw is the tutorial aspect to the narrative. I learned more reading this novel about alternative interpretations of the life of Jesus, the role of Mary Magdalene, and the idea of the Sacred Feminine than I could have in most nonfiction works. Another book worth checking out to gain perspective on the role of Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Feminine in the life of Jesus Christ and the history of the Catholic Church is The Gnostic Gospels, edited by Elaine Pagels. Reputably other testaments written on the life of Jesus Christ, they include a testament from Jesus himself as well as Mary Magdalene.