The Jordan Factor

Even though he turned 39 on Sunday, don’t tell me he is over the hill. Putting up 25 a game, only six have better averages then him. So like him or not, Michael Jordan is a factor. His Airness might not be able to fly like he once used to, but he must be doing something right. Criticism he took, but no longer could Jordan sit in the press box as an executive and watch the misery that unfolded, also known as Washington Wizards’ 2000-01 campaign. Enter the Jordan Factor. Jumping in and out of the NBA is nothing new for Mike. Last year, Washington ended the season with a 19-63 record. As I write this, they sit at 26-23 with the six spot in the East on reserve. If the Wiz can keep winning at this pace, they will end the season with 43 wins, a 24-notch jump from ‘pre-Mike.’ What about when Jordan sat out all but 17 games of the 1994-95 season and the Bulls tallied 47 wins? That’s not bad, but do you know what they did the next year with Jordan suited up on a daily basis? Try 72-10. An increase of, on average, 24.5 wins when he comes out of retirement. If MJ can shape up the lowly Wizards, imagine if he had owned part of another NBA team? I know a few teams that wouldn’t have minded him trading in the Armani for some Nikes. Speaking of teams that might want to have him, or in this case, have him back, the Bulls have won only 44 games over the last two and a half years. It’s OK, Chicago, at least you still have the Bears.