The Rocky Horror Show Rolls Into Billings Student Center

Prepare to experience Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show, complete with audience cheering and jeering, scantily clad actors and racy sensuality. The only element missing in the show is the “picture” of the actual film. Directed by Rebecca Sherman, the splice between the outrageous cult classic and the stage production will seduce you on March 13 and 14; two shows will be performed at 7 and 10 in the evening. On March 15, a special pre-show will occur around 7 p.m., and the production will begin promptly at 8 p.m. Tickets will cost seven dollars for the general public and five dollars for UVM students. The eccentric show will take place in the North Lounge of UVM’s Billings Student Center. According to Sherman, The Rocky Horror Show has never encountered a Burlington stage, and the UVM theater has yet to perform a musical this year. What perfect timing for flamboyant singing, dancing and gender- bending. Typed male roles, the characters of Dr. Scott and Eddie, will be performed by a female, Robin Brown. Of Brown’s roles, Sherman says, “Cross-gender casting sets even fewer boundaries on how the show is done. It gives us a whole new territory to explore with the sexualities of the characters.” Danielle Miller, “Columbia,” states that the show is centered around the “freedom of expression and will focus on the attributes of each character,” while annihilating stereotypical gender roles. Other roles expected to tantalize the audience are “Dr. Frankenfurter” and “Brad,” played by Chuck Wulster and Justin Quackenbush, respectively. Erin Fehr, “Janet,” mentions that the collaborative efforts of such diverse individuals will yield a show that is “full of creativity and no limits.” Each character will dazzle the audience with his or her dancing and vocal talents. Musical director, Nathan Venet, organized a four-piece live band, which will accompany the production. The band is well versed in the classic popular culture tune “The Time Warp” and eagerly anticipate sing-alongs and audience participation. The show incorporates some members of the Burlington community, but the majority of the cast and crew is comprised of UVM students. Those involved in the show consider themselves a subsidiary of The University Players, independent of the supervision of the University’s theater department. Sherman, the cast, and crew invite UVM students and the general public to join the “group gropes of a twisted family” and the show’s enticing antics. “It’s the freedom to be a unique individual without being labeled,” says Miller.