The voter turnout blues

This past week’s presidential elections confirmed our previous concerns about the connection between the Student Government Association and the student body.When only 715 of 9,454 undergraduates vote for the person that will represent them for the next year, it demonstrates a very disturbing trend.Students at this University, a school known for many outspoken voices and strong view-points, continue to follow the incredibly disappointing trend of general apathy that is so prevalent in our generation.SGA has incredible resources to help students on campus and to represent the student body to the University higher-ups. It’s apparent that every student has a bone to pick; the amount of complaints on parking, tuition or food service alone is astounding.With SGA’s lack of presence about campus, for anyone not intimately associated with the organization is disgraceful. In this regard, the incredibly poor turnout is not surprising.It is not only the students’ fault that so few people voted. SGA needs to make a concerted effort to be a valuable resource on campus and break out of their almost incestuous inner workings and do what they were elected to: work for the students.According to American Student Government Association (ASGA), between 10 and 15 percent of students vote in SGA elections at public universities. This seems like a despicably low number but compared to the mere 7.5 percent that voted here last week it is an incredible turnout.From a SGA standpoint, things need to change. For starters, what happened to online voting?Sure, there were problems with glitches during mid-term elections, but the net cast is so much wider than the two polling places available last week on campus. Wouldn’t it be worth spending a small amount of time figuring out the system and reaching a broader base of voters?SGA needs to make its presence on campus felt by every student. The students need to show interest in who represents them. It’s time everyone made a greater effort.