These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

There are some truly wonderful people and entities who often go without proper accolades. Let’s take several moments to name but a few. First of all, kudos to the a**holes, hrm, local heroes who have been stealing people’s computers. At first glance, these folks seem much less than upstanding, taking without ever giving back, leasing without ever intending to buy. But, heck, these ladies and gentlemen really bring us away from our technological fixation and instead bring us back to our roots and tradition. Without their aid, we would never pick up a pen to write a paper. We would so seldom revel in the joy that is the typewriter. And we would be all but lost to the fine art of sharing, a necessity when scrambling to find a spare computer on which to type reports for teachers ever-so-insistent upon maintaining a high level of modernity. Holla, guys, for bringing us back to our origins. And so quick are we to jump down the throat of so-called inclement weather. But what is inclement weather if not a test of our endurance? What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, don’t’cha know. A little snow in late March is nothing, anyway. Who can honestly say they have gotten enough mileage out of their pricey winter gear? Every day one can wear one’s woolen finery is a day in which one can rejoice. Let’s now bring the focus to loud roommates/floormates. Sure, they can easily be deemed inconsiderate. Is that really fair, though? Looking beyond the surface, one can witness a beautiful phenomenon in progress: communication. Your loud contemporary just wants to keep you abreast of all he/she is doing. He/she would never think to leave you in the dark, sleepy and alone to curb the sleepiness. Au contraire-these vocal yokels will let you know just how public is your space, rife and teeming with life and laughter. The language and link of humanity courses through the veins of each and every talkative Timmy and gabby Gracey. They really want to fill you in and be filled in on livelihood in total. Isn’t that thoughtful? Further, one must never leave in limbo a shoutout to friends who do nothing but consistently attain better grades than their studious peers. Are they not a lessen in keen evolution? Look to them for suitable and desirable spouses, as passing on their genes to your children will help create a generation of naturally smarter and more savvy lads and lasses. Finally, hats off to winter poundage. Hibernation-induced bodily insulation is the stuff dreams are made of. So much more of you will there be for your honeypie to love that spring fever will be right up your alley. And who doesn’t love the easy access that comes with a friendly face chilling right up your alley? Smile right back at whichever thief, snowflake, loudmouth, slacker or lovehandle that greets you bright and early in the morning.