Thinking energy use

? A new study will lead to the construction of an even greener campus. ? The Clean Energy Fund developed a study to discover which locations on campus can improve their renewable energy technologies, Office of Sustainability Director Gioia Thompson said. ? The Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility study asked the question: Can campus-based renewable energy play a vital role in UVM’s progress toward carbon neutrality? ? In addition to answering this question, the study will aid in future renewable energy planning at the University, the Office of Sustainability website stated. ? “We are really lucky that we have so much expertise in Vermont helping UVM with energy efficiency,” Thompson said. ? The study started in February and will be completed by September of this year, according to the website. ? As part of the Office of Sustainability, the Clean Energy Fund is designed to advance renewable energy research, education and infrastructure on campus, the website stated. ? This study on renewable energy is one of many ideas that students came up with for the fund, Thompson said. ? “Students actively participate in the generation of ideas and the review of ideas for the Clean Energy Fund,” she said. ? Proposed ideas for Clean Energy Fund projects are currently being reviewed, and specific projects will be decided upon by mid-March, Thompson said.