Thirsty Thursday with a hint of academics

Nectar’s, a Burlington hotspot famous for its live music and renowned gravy fries, offers a pub quiz every Thursday night from 7:30 to 9 p.m. The pub quiz consists of seven rounds of popular culture questions with prizes ranging from promotional swag from alcohol companies to the occasional grand prize of Celtics tickets. The competition is fierce with questions designed to target a wide range of audiences. While there are many teams of PBR drinking UVM students, older generations were in full force. Pub quiz regular Stephanie Taylor, a librarian from Mount Mansfield High School and member of the “Sound Check Groupies” team, bragged about her collection of Jagermeister T-shirts that she’s won on previous nights. However, she stated that she “refuses to where them in public.” Nectar’s Thursday Night Pub Quiz has been produced by husband and wife Daren and Jennifer Cassani of TopHat Productions for the past three years. Every week new categories are introduced ranging from “name that inventor” to “name that song lyric.” According to Daren, the best strategy for answering questions from these motley categories is to “come with the largest group you can get.” However, he stated that the trouble of that strategy is that “there will be more of an argument of who is right.” So, if you need to catch a buzz on a Thursday night and your brain is full of trivial knowledge such as the name of the Italian composer that wrote the “Pink Panther” theme song or the three NBA players that won MVP from ’83 to ’92, then you should try your luck against the regulars at the Nectar’s Pub Quiz.