This buddy comedy scores

Filmmakers underestimate their audiences. From the ultra revelatory previews to the painfully obvious punch lines and one-liners, comedies of the 21st century no longer require thinking – they only require $9.00 and an extra large soda.”Superbad” is not a film of this breed. Although it doesn’t take a genius to appreciate a good penis joke, this film strays slightly from the typical “buddy” comedy or teen flick; the leading male characters, Seth, played by Jonah Hill, and Evan, Michael Cera of “Arrested Development” fame, are unbearably awkward in their goals to “get some.”With high school graduation mere weeks away, the boys try to get as much sexual experience as possible before becoming college freshmen – Evan at Dartmouth and Seth at a more mediocre school. With the help of Fogell, a dweeby friend with a fake I.D., they plan to impress their female classmates by bringing alcohol to a party. But, for plots’ sake, things aren’t so easy and the boys get separated, Fogell tagging along with two unconventional cops, Officers Michaels (co-writer Seth Rogan) and Slater (Bill Hader) who used to “hate cops” but don’t let their uniforms enforce a certain lifestyle upon them.Unlike “American Pie,” neither Evan nor Seth are particularly desirable characters; in fact, their desperation for sex is pathetic, and Seth’s homoerotic actions would stump even Father Freud. These faults, along with Evan’s sensitivity become endearing traits (or at least as endearing as crudely sketching male anatomy can be).”Superbad’s” humor is intended for a predominantly male audience, but above this, it was intended for anyone who has been forced to separate from a dear friend and pave a path of one’s own.