This guy’s thirsty

  UVMtv personality and former SGA senator Jonathon Lott may be the biggest Coca-Cola fan on campus.   For the past month, Lott has been trying to single-handedly stop SGA’s goal of ending the exclusivity in UVM’s current beverage contract with Coke.   “Almost every Tuesday I go in for public forum, and I will talk to them about a specific aspect of Coca-Cola,” Lott said. “Slowly, every week, I’m tackling one part of the argument against Coca-Cola.”   The University’s contract with Coca-Cola will expire in June 2012 and will not be renewed, but put to bid among other beverage companies, a past Cynic article stated.   An end to the exclusive agreement with Coke would have negative consequences for the school, specifically when it comes to funding, Lott said.   “Coca-Cola gives to the University $482,000 per year,” he said. “You see big fusses and tantrums over Fogel’s severance package and salary. It is ridiculous that more people aren’t considering the financial aspect of this.”   People that have been concerned about the financial state of the University due to overspending should really consider the financial impact of ending the contract, he said.   “This year, the Cynic posted a front page article about a $600 chair that Fogel was getting,” Lott said. “The amount of money that Coca-Cola provides to the University is almost 700 times that.  It’s almost 700 Fogel chairs.”   Senator Connor Burns has heard what Lott has to say and said he sees no difference between Coke’s presence on campus and that of a competing brand of cola.   “If Coke is on campus, we get Coke products. If not, Pepsi products will probably be in our beverage fountains,” Burns said. “The only difference between the two is the beverages and the taste of those beverages, despite what Jon Lott may say.”   Burns said he believes that Lott isn’t seeing the whole picture.   “The largest response from students by far was that they did not care whether or not Coke stayed on campus,” Burns said.   Despite current efforts by Lott, the beverage contract issue has already been decided upon, Burns said.   “Jon Lott likes Coke products, and therefore wants to keep Coke on campus,” Burns said. “This is an issue that is long past and is actually quite irrelevant to any work SGA is doing.”   Though some students may disagree with Lott’s mission, others said they think his petition is beneficial.   “I think it’s good to see student involvement,” first-year Hugh Randall said.  “I’m glad that students have a voice on campus.”   Randall also said that although he didn’t view Coca-Cola as a bad company, there would be more room for local companies without it.