This Week in Senate

Senatorial Elections are being held this coming Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Senators make up the entire legislative body for the student government. They write, pass and vote on Bills and Resolutions for what they believe is the common interest of the entire university. Senators are divided into 2 groups-on-campus and off-campus senators. This is to ensure that there is a relatively good representation of views with in the Senate.

All of these positions are decided by YOU, the student body, and by who you elect for the Senate. So get out there and vote. You probably know somebody who is running for a position so go and vote for them.

There will be voting tables in the Library and quite possibly Cook Commons. So it shouldn’t be hard to find a ballot and cast down a few names for people who sound like they understand your point of view and can voice your opinions.

One major issue that Senate is facing is Sodexho and what can be done, whether we can lower prices or improve food. Along with the idea of better weekend hours or locations for people on Main Campus, and lower cost meal plans so you don’t need to buy a large plan which you will not use.

Another major issue that Senate has approached is the cost of textbooks. It seems that all students need to spend an extraordinary amount on textbooks at the beginning of the year and then get very little in return when book buy back comes around. We voiced our concerns and some possible solutions to the Manager of the Bookstore. And he appreciated what was being done, but at the moment the best way to combat textbook prices is to make sure your teachers declare their curriculum for the fall before Friday April 9th. That will provide a good chance that your books will have a higher buy back rate than what it would be normally. So tell your teachers to declare their books by Friday.