Three Candidates Vie For SGA Presidency

Tim Allen, Jon Badaracco, and Adam Dubin are working aggressively in the final week of their campaign for Student Government Association (SGA) Presidency for 2002-2003. The election will take place March 12 and 13 in Bailey/Howe Library. Sophomore Tim Allen is currently the Chair of the Student Action Committee, and has been involved with the SGA for the past two years. He is running with sophomore Bryce James. “With Student Action, I’ve focused on advocating for change,” said Allen. “We take issues and see how they can be solved.” Allen plans to focus on working with students and communicating with the administration to improve the school and its image. Allen has also worked on bringing back the Vermont Student Opinion Poll, which helps the SGA determine problems and issues the students have. The SGA, according to Allen, has improved in the past few years. “It’s gotten much better,” said Allen. “The polls have helped, because it get students thinking. We’ve been incorporating students and trying to help improve student image.” Allen thinks he will be the best candidate for president because of his work with the SGA and with students. “I am effective with the administration and I deal well with people,” said Allen. “I respond well. Look at what the other candidates have done. They are great people and have done great things, but it is different than dealing with student action.” Sophomore Adam Dubin is campaigning without a running mate. He plans to focus on bringing the students together through media sources and working on diversity and accountability for the school. “The SGA has not attempted to reach all students,” said Dubin. “If we had a weekly SGA paper where the Senate could address things in detail, that would help. If elected, I will attempt to make regular radio or TV addresses.” Dubin believes that issues of diversity could be worked on with an executive board or committee with representatives from all minorities, to discuss and deal with problems on campus. Building a bar and nightclub is another suggestion Dubin has put forth. “It would create revenue, be a central rallying place for students and it would keep kids on campus.” The SGA, according to Dubin, needs some work. “They tend to think they are experts on things, but they are not,” said Dubin. “Forty people can’t run the school-we need all 8,000.” Dubin believes he will be the best candidate because he has more experience with more of the student body. “I, unlike the other two, bring a prospective of more students than the current SGA.” The last presidential candidate, junior Jon Badaracco, is currently the SGA Treasurer. He is running with junior Shawna Wells. Badaracco thinks that issues with student involvement, student concerns, including diversity and housing and good communication all need to be addressed.