Till death do us part or the law changes

You’d think out of all the things the government has its sticky hands all over they’d at least leave love alone. Right? After all, isn’t love supposed to be free and open to everyone without restriction? I guess not, because the government has decided they want to choose whom you can mate with, and it’d better be of the opposite sex! It’s pretty ridiculous when you think about it, really – a bunch of well-to-do politicians in their offices dictating who has the legal right to marry like they’re playing God. I mean, let’s face it, what’s the point? Marriage in America is a joke. Why should it matter if a woman wants to marry another woman? It matters, sadly, because the American government is infatuated with marriage. They take it so seriously like a dad at a Little League game. The sanctity of marriage is what’s at stake for those trying to write marriage laws, but what they don’t get is that there is no more sanctity left in marriage. The highest rate of divorce in the world, which is almost fifty times higher than any other country, is right here in America, and the whole “traditional” concept of marriage has gone out the window. People are having children all the time when they are not married, and while some do, others get married for money not love, and public image rather than private wishes. When you get right down to it, marriage today is, thanks to the separation of church and state, just a legal agreement between two people. So why is it then that so many religious sects still control the legal union of two people? Legislation, backed heavily by these groups, passed in California on Election Day, re-banning gay marriage. Keep in mind, some of these groups are the same ones that say a man having more than one wife is fine, but a man marrying another man is “morally wrong.” We think we are a nation of acceptance and equality, however, some may not remember that a mere 40 years ago, interracial marriage was illegal and “morally wrong.” Now, on the same day we come together as a country and elect our first president of color, some voted to disallow the union of two people based on gender. Think of how far we’ve come and how far we’ve yet to go. Marriage may be a bigger joke in this country than W’s last “regretful” days in office, but we should still allow anyone who wants to go down that road the opportunity and freedom to do it.