Tim Reynolds at the Higher Ground

Dave Matthews collaborator solo electric & acoustic is coming to Higher Ground on Friday, September 26th, with Josh Dodes and Libby Kirkpatrick for a retrospective tour. How can you justify the rage of man-versus-man within nature’s serene balance? How dare you pit the brief, brash cacophony of war against the irrefutable flow of water over rock? Reynolds strives, nay dares, to bring equilibrium to all. Guitar maven, composer, and frequent Dave Matthews collaborator, Tim Reynolds, brings his multifaceted solo tour, Equilibrium, to Higher Ground. His show includes mind-bending guitar technique, sequencing, sampling, and drum programming along with his much-loved acoustic repertoire. This acoustic and electric experience will again be reinforced with visual enhancement. As fans have long known, Tim Reynolds has never compromised his creativity or originality. From his recent politically controversial album Chaos View with its industrial electric sound to the undulating Zen stream of Nomadic Wavelength, Reynolds divines and pours forth the equilibrium of the elements. Earth, wind, and fire dance eternal in his music, true to both his musical and personal philosophies. Prepare to be entertained, and to entertain new perspectives. Tickets are $12 in advance and $14 the day of the show. Doors open at 8 PM, and all ages are welcome. – Press Release