Time and the Other

Summer is one of the most unique and strange abysses of time. Beginning with the ever earlier-rising sun to the lingering dregs of August that stretch as far as the rolling Adirondacks, summer mystifies. As soon as the school year ends, time looms ahead as though it will never come full cycle back into fall but rather remain in a perpetual state of June. Yet now, with the return to school, time seamlessly joins this year with the last and causes one to question summer’s power and ability to hold us captive. With the return of the masses to B-town, I am reminded of all the reasons why I chose to come to this undefinable town in the first place. The city, or as some fondly refer to it, “glorified town,” is expansive enough to be full of events and places in which to become involved while remaining small enough for people to be able to recognize others on their everyday excursions. Burlington holds infinite possibilities with its expansive resources of nature and beauty to nourish the mind and soul, and a community that is full of passionate, unique individuals with the greatest resource of all at their fingertips: education. As cheesy or silly as it sounds, I believe that college is this great gift of time to learn and look into one’s self and find that potential for greatness that every person possesses. When else will your job be to take classes about subjects that you love or simply to learn as much as you possibly can from everyone and everything that surrounds you? Time eludes definition once again as this first week already feels like a month. I suppose that this article is a call to carpe diem. Last night, a group of new and old friends headed down to Huntington Gorge to share beach, blankets and stars. While sitting, listening to the music of the river flow along and being everywhere and nowhere at once, my friend shared a quote of his own conception that astounded me. “Whenever you’d rather be nowhere else, you’re in paradise.” There is no great secret to life or existence; rather, there is only the call to enjoy every moment of being. One may spend a whole lifetime searching for the hidden meaning or truth or whatever it may be that so many people clamor about these days. Or one may sit back, recognize and revel in the beauty that is omnipresent and glorious in itself. So on these approaching days of fall, walk a little more slowly to take in all that is around you. Pause and talk to that person you never got the chance to talk with last year and smile at those you do not yet know, for anything is possible. I hope that this year brings good times and memories to everyone as people stand up and take control of their destiny. As old masters know best, do as Rilke says and note that “Here among the vanishing, in this realm of decline, be the ringing glass that shattered of its own sound.”