Don’t Judge an Article By Its TitleTo the cynic editors,thank you for printing my letter about 420. I wish you had put a little more thought into the title (I know I didn’t submit my own title, but I thought that was general practice in writing letters to the editor). The point of the letter was not just that the kids were stoned and the police were rude. In fact, compared to past interactions I have had with the police, the cops were fairly polite in going about their duty enforcing unjust, outdated laws. The point was that this was a very good demonstration of why the marijuana laws need to be changed. What was striking about the scene was seeing kids who were not bothering anyone, who were just relaxing and listening to music, being arrested. This made the laws look pretty absurd. Granted I did speak of some poor behavior on the part of the police, and I meant that, but I feel that with the title you chose “Kids So Stoned, Cops So Rude” you emphasized the wrong parts of my letter. I guess this is just a lesson to me in how easily statements can be distorted, even though I am sure it was not intentional on the part of the Cynic editors. In the future I will always include a title.