Trinity dining gets closer to students

For the last seven years, McAuley Hall has been a semi-vacant office building. Now, it’s Trinity Campus’s new dining facility, the Northside Café.Delehanty Hall’s Delehanty Deck served Trinity Campus students last year, but has since reverted to the building’s anthropology program.McAuley was originally part of Trinity College, until UVM purchased all of the college’s buildings in 2002. The space was totally stripped when Trinity sold it to UVM, according to University Dining Services Operations Director Ron Chasse.During the period when Trinity College operated, the dining space beneath McAuley was the central dining hall on campus. “It was an all-you-can eat dining hall for about 150 or so students,” Chasse said.Mandi Silk, a Trinity College alumni who attended between the years of ’86 and ’90, said that, with a few exceptions, the dining hall was just like eating at home.”We didn’t have a lot of choices, it was basically what was on the menu,” Silk said.These days it’s a lot more like what Delehanty was in appearance, with much of the same equipment. Chasse said that the Northside Café now features a larger serving area, a larger drink selection and a few new pieces of equipment.One hundred and twenty-five seats now inhabit the dining room, a space Chasse said is approximately triple the capacity of Delehanty DeckLooking ahead, Chasse said that there are no plans to turn the Café to a hot meal facility. Nevertheless, the cafe is always looking at ways to improve.”We would always like to look at expanding our product line, looking at what we can do physically,” he said.