Trustees briefed on UVM’s future plans

The roadmap to UVM’s future was discussed on a Board of Trustees road trip to Lake Morey Resort.


The Board of Trustees held a fall retreat Sept. 9-10 to discuss strategic financial issues and the Presidential Search at Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vt.


Provost Jane Knodell attended a portion of the retreat in order to update the trustees on the “Strategic Initiatives Project,” the administration’s financial plan to increase the University’s investment capacity by roughly 12 percent by 2018.


In addition to creating a sustainable financial budget, the plan called for improved facilities and a stable, satisfied and productive faculty and staff, the project presentation stated.


The project focuses on providing a clear explanation of how money is spent in order to develop a roadmap to guide current and future allocation of resources, according to University Communications.


The second half of the retreat focused on the current search for UVM’s new president.


Isaacson, Miller is the national executive search firm hired to assist the University in finding its next president.


Founder John Isaacson attended the retreat to provided trustees with a perspective on the national landscape of searches for presidents of universities, according to University Communications.


Isaacson told the trustees that he feels the University will attract top candidates because of its prestigious position as a small research institution.


“There aren’t very many 13,000-student universities with a full range of professional offerings that emphasize undergraduate education, either public or private,” Isaacson said. “You really are in a very unique and attractive position.”


Trustees were given the results of a survey offered to the UVM Community about what they are looking for in the future president, according to the retreat agenda.


When asked what other considerations the Presidential Search Committee should bear in mind, some responses reflected concern about not repeating another Rachel-Kahn Fogel scandal.


“No surprise[s]—meet the spouse,” one response stated.


Other survey-takers stated that they were worried about the financial situation of the University when it comes to finding another president.


“The salary of an incoming president will surely be a point of contention during this search and hiring process,” a response stated. “We need a president who realizes the financial constraints of the University in its current state, while at the same time is highly qualified for the position.”