Trustees to discuss ‘workplace climate’

  The Board of Trustees has discussed a new bill regarding “workplace climate” expectations and standards for employees at UVM. This bill, which has been approved by the University’s Ad Hoc Report Oversight Committee, will be voted on by the entire board during their Feb. 3 and Feb. 4 meetings, according to a Burlington Free Press article.   The bill lays out expectations of respectful behavior and depicts how employees will be protected when reporting disobedience. This initiative identifies informal ways to resolve conflicts that are not considered policy or legal violations, yet are still problems within the workplace, according to meeting minutes from the Board of Trustees. These new workplace standards are a result of the resignation of former President Dan Fogel following the incident that occurred last summer. The Rachel Kahn-Fogel scandal made national headlines when it was discovered that Kahn Fogel had an inappropriate relationship and a sexually suggestive email correspondence with Michael Schultz, associate vice president for development and alumni relations, according to a past Cynic article. “Human error and fallibility will always be a part of life, a 2011 Review Report conducted by the Board of Trustees stated.  “However, it is important that we learn from our mistakes and take appropriate corrective action to avoid them in the future, for the benefit of the entire University.” Employees of the University can make anonymous calls to a tip line in order to report violations of these new guidelines, Burlington Free Press stated.