Truth of Eck’s attack

Three weeks after Colby Eck’s naked assault of multiple female UVM students, many people in the UVM community are still unaware of his exact crimes. New information from police reports, victim interviews, and an interview with Eck’s mother has shed light onto the night of Sept. 5. Contradictory information from different students in the Harris Residence Hall led to the initial report that Eck was naked when he entered the dorm. This is incorrect, according to police. “Eck took his clothes off after he arrived in the residence halls,” said police Chief Gary Margolis.Once inside, Eck began to go on a “rampage,” said police officer Jason Bellavance.According to police reports, Eck first entered room 306 in Harris and “grabbed [Dana] Charlee’s leg and started to pull her off a chair.”While Eck was doing this he was pulling at her pants as if to pull them off.” “Colby bent over and pulled on my pants,” said Charlee, a senior resident of University Heights.Harris RA Alex Cruz was in room 306 with Charlee and “acted quickly and was able to get Eck out of the room, then called for police,” police reports said. “I was glad to see the police getting at him,” Charlee said, “because I did not like that kid.Eck then went down the hall where, according to police reports, he walked by the freshman Lindsay Baker and “struck [her] in the face.”The blow to her head had enough force to knock her in to the wall. At this point, Eck gave Baker a strong push, causing the back of Baker’s head to hit the cinder block wall.”This caused Baker great pain which she rated as an eight or nine on a scale of one to ten, ten being the worst,” according to police reports. As the victim then tried to leave, “Eck grabbed her and held onto her, preventing her escape from the assault,” according to police reports. Once again, “Alex Cruz witnessed the attack and came to [Baker’s] aid as she struggled to leave Eck’s grasp,” police reports said.Baker told police “she had never been so scared before in her life and feared that Eck was going to continue to assault her as Cruz attempted to pull her away.” “Eck continued down the hallway when Cruz and Baker left,” stated police reports. Baker’s roommate, freshman Kayla Towle, was in her room talking on the phone, police reports said, when, “She went into the hall and saw a naked guy (Eck) in the hallway. “Towle turned to go back into her room because she didn’t want to see the naked male, and as she was closing her door, Eck barged into her room. “Eck closed the door and locked it behind him…trapping her in the room. Eck put his left arm around Towle’s shoulder and neck, then started to forcefully pull her towards him. “Towle struck Eck in the cheek and was able to get by him and escape into the hallway,” according to police reports. The time of Eck’s fourth attack, on freshman Jen Chan, is unclear in relation to the other attacks. “He just opened my door,” Chan said, “I told him to close it and he did. Then he opened it again and he was next to me and he grabbed me. “My first reaction was that I thought he was going to rape me,” Chan said. According to police reports, Eck “tried to hug Chan around the shoulder area at one point and stuck his hands between her legs. “Chan was able to stand up with the male still hugging her with one arm and putting his hands on the area of clothing that was covering her vagina. “Chan was able to make it into the hallway where she fell to the floor which resulted in minor abrasions to her right knee and wrist.” According to Chan, the only thing Eck said during the entire incident was, “This is weird.” Police reports said, Eck “thought this was all a dream. He remembered walking around naked and thought that people were looking at him weird. “He remembered walking up to them and touching them to see if they were real.” Despite multiple efforts, Eck could not be reached for further comment. Eck’s mother, Virginia Eck of Shrewsbury, MA, said, “I’m not allowed to talk about the case, and neither is Colby. It’s a legal thing I guess. The lawyer made that very clear.” When police arrived on the scene, they found Eck in the lounge, said Sgt. James J. Phelps’ police report. Phelps said, “I looked into the room and saw a naked male standing there with a wild look in his eyes. His speech pattern made no sense and he was sweating profusely. “Based on my 17 years of experience I recognized the symptoms as someone who was under the influence of some sort of drug. Often times that drug is ‘Ecstasy,'” Phelps said in his report. “[Eck] said something and immediately started trying to hit Officer [Brian] Wood and I. I ordered Bellavance to deploy the taser, which he did. “The suspect fell to the floor after being struck by the Taser. He was then taken into custody,” stated police reports. The taser that was used on Eck had a camera attached to the end of it, so there is a video of his take down, Margolis said. “As far as the video, it is public record but not until the case is finished being prosecuted,” Margolis said. Eck’s charges are simple assault on a police officer, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint in the 2nd degree, and lewd and lascivious conduct. His next court date is Thursday. While a jury will ultimately decide Eck’s punishment, a few UVM students shared their opinions on the subject. “I think he should be in rehab. Honestly, years in prison will not erase a night on drugs when you are not in control of your own inhibitions,” freshman Ben Conarck said. Freshman Trevor Quinn, on the other hand, said, “I’d say 27 years is sufficient.” “I though at first this kid should be in jail for a long time,” said Charlee, one of the victims. “But I think it would be better for society if he wasn’t locked up for so long. I think he needs substance abuse counseling and help finding a job and re-entering the community.”