Tuition increase decreases

The rate of increase for tuition this year will be less than originally planned.

Tuition will increase by 4.8 percent for the fiscal year 2011 rather than by 6 percent, Richard Cate, vice president of Finance and Administration, said.

In-state tuition for 2010-2011 will be $12,276, and out-of-state will be $30,984, Cate said.

“This year [2010] we balanced the budget by spending less than planned, and the budget is also balanced for 2011,” Cate said.

The University also spent 6.5 million more in financial aid than had planned but received additional students this year, resulting in additional revenue.

“The difference between additional tuition and additional financial aid is that we had to come up with $3 million more than what we had planned,” Cate said.

To come up with the extra $3 million, Cate said the University delayed programs and pushed to conserve energy.

“We got very lucky on the cost of energy,” he said. “Almost half of it is big savings on energy.”