“Underpants” to drop at UVM

The Underpants, a satirical farce about an event that sends a ripple of controversy through a whole town, opens at the Royall Tyler Theatre on Wednesday and runs through Oct. 8. An adaptation of Carl Sternheim’s farce, “Die Hose,” the Underpants is the portrayal of a young frau named Louise and her fifteen minutes of fame in early 20th century D??sseldorf, Germany. While waving during a parade for the king, Louise’s underpants accidentally fall down causing a stir throughout the town. “All this stuff ensues based on this one little ladies panties falling down,” director Sarah Carleton said. “It is a really silly, demented plot.” In his adaptation, Steve Martin emphasizes the play between Louise and her very uptight, traditional, and domineering husband, Theo, while making a story that was set a long time ago seem relevant in modern times. “[The play] takes a very satirical look at the whole male/female relationship and how silly society is in terms of restricting people and confusing them.” Carleton said. After casting the play during the spring, Carlton, in her 11th year as part of the UVM staff, got to work on the first day of this semester. The cast rehearsed three hours every night Monday though Friday and then three to four hours every Saturday for the last four weeks, said Carleton. “They are a great group of students that clicked together,’ Carleton said. “They are having fun letting go [during rehearsals] because these characters are big and broad.” For tickets contact that box office at (802) 656-2094 or in the entrance of the Royall Tyler Theatre.