University Green under construction

  Students traversing the main green may now have to add a slight detour to their route. The University Green will be under construction while the walkways are replaced and the fountain renovated. Construction workers will also address the drainage issues on the lower elevations of the green, according to a press release. Workers will combat the flooding by filling in low areas of elevation and leveling the soil around the green, the press release stated. Students can expect the construction on the walkways to last until Nov. 1, with detours and fences in place to guide pedestrians around the construction, the University Construction website said. Some students that traverse the green in between classes have already had issues with the construction. “I and 79 other nursing students have 15 minutes to get from class to class and the construction consistently makes us late,” sophomore Hannah Zelnik said. Other students said that they have had no major issues with the ongoing construction.  “I really don’t think it’s that bad,” sophomore Scott Scribi said. “Although it is happening while it’s really nice out, the green has always been a great place to relax.”